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Sell & Buy Webcam Logitech C930e in Ho Chi Minh City

You need a high performance Full HD1080P Webcam to be able to use fast and flickering free live streaming, online work, online tutorials, video conferencing, etc. You should not miss Logitech’s new C930e Webcam, the most proprietary technology of this year. Buy Webcam Logitech C930 at Kythuatsovn.com.


Webcam Logitech C930e

1. Why You Should Choose Logitech Webcam?

Logitech is a high-tech line product that is used a lot in the world. The advantage of the Logitech product line is the quality. Furthermore Logitech offers a worldwide two years warranty for all genuine products.

Vietnam’s currently most powerful product line is the line of computer products for gamers such as keyboards, mouse and webcams. In addition to the entertainment industry Logitech desktop speakers are always high-end products with excellent sound quality for home or business.


Logitech C930e connect with computer 

Logitech webcam products are equipped in offices and designed for professional video conferencing or at home for gamer’s home entertainment, online conversations, and remote interviews.  It is also a strength for gamers to use live stream, and with the current demand in Vietnam, the live broadcast to sell for social networking channels such as Facebook is a huge advantage. So to choosing good quality webcams, sharp images, high fidelity, high frame rate, Logitech is the number one choice for you.

One of the latest Webcam products is the Logitech C930e, the latest product lineup with wide angles and high frame rate, this is the product that you are looking for to use for your favorite work such as livestream game, livestream sales, live meeting online, teaching online ...

Logitech Webcams, as well as other types of webcams, are peripherals, be connected to computers, laptops to record video and display on the computer screen. And how to get the scene with beautiful frame  and beautiful picture quality that depend entirely on the type of your Webcams. The Logitech C930e is priced at 2,400,000 VND and is officially distributed at kythuatsovn.com

2. The advantages of Webcam Logitech C930e

Let's take a closer look at the application and features of the Logitech C930e

2.1 In terms of design

With a modest size of just 162 grams, the Logitech C930e is easy to carry and easy to use, ideal for remote meetings. The bottom of the Logitech C930e allows you to attach your most popular portable tripods for your camcorder, taking pictures at a variety of angles and positions.



2.2 About features

With a full HD 1080P (1920 x 1080) pixel resolution, the Logitech C930e delivers the sharpest  picture possible. The H264 video technology enables up to 2400 pixels of image compression (higher than full HD).

The new Logitech C930e has a wide viewing angle of up to 90 degrees, and the 4x1080P zoom capability allows for up to 4 times magnification while maintaining Full HD resolution.

The 2-Mode Redlight enables the Logitech C930e to display in both day and night modes, with brightness balanced, autofocus without the need for focus.

The Logitech C930e comes with two microphones for live talking and a webcam with powerful sound absorption.

USB 2.0 connectivity is compatible with PCs and laptops, simple to use with popular camera software or Skype software, Yahoo ...




4X Digital Zoom and Full HD1080P

2.3 Application

Logitech C930e is used extensively in organizations, businesses, remote training centers, schools, game consoles ... for meeting conferences, interviews, Skype talks, livestream Game, movie, observation ...


For Conference 

2.4 Some of the highlights of the Logitech C930e

✔ Supports Full HD 1080 with 30 frames/second, which enables the display of sharp talk even when used with large screens.

✔ Available in 4x Zoom mode with HD quality.

Webcams have a wide viewing angle up to 90 degrees.

✔ Built-in RightLight 2 technology and auto focus to adjust sharp images in slightly dark places or near distances.

✔ Use ZEISS lens for sharp, clear images.

✔ Designed to be plugged in with Skype, Lync, Cisco WebEx, and most other remote conferencing applications.

✔ Connect to computer via USB port. Webcam with built-in two microphone for clear voice

kythuatsovn.com company committed:

  • Genuine product 100%
  • 24 months warranty
  • Product be change within 7 days
  • Having consultants for foreign customers in Vietnam

3. Contact US

Mobile: 0904.033.774 (zalo, viber, facebook)

Email: thiencth@gmail.com

Address: 4 Road 5, 26 Ward, Binh Thanh Distr, HCM City

Google Maps Link: Click Here

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